Are primitive reflexes the missing link to your childs behavioral or emotional concerns?


Primitive reflexes have been linked to ADHD, bedwetting, dyslexia, motor difficulties, anxiety and more!

Primitive reflexes are involuntary movements that infants make in response to stimuli (for example the rooting reflex helps them nurse or suck on a bottle.) They integrate on a developmental timeline, throughout the first few years of life. When reflexes don't integrate it can hinder development causing the nervous system to automatically react undesirably to different situations and prevent a child from mastering control of their body.


In Heal Thyself Institute’s Primitive Reflex Workshop, Dr Waldo will help you:


➡️ Learn exactly what primitive reflexes are, the signs and symptoms of retained reflexes and how they impact mental and emotional wellness.


➡️ Learn how to test your child or yourself for retained primitive reflexes


➡️ Learn the exercises necessary for integrating these reflexes and balancing the body and mind.


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