We offer a range of advanced nerve therapies to address various conditions such as nerve pain, neuropathy, and more. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes the SaeboStim Pro, Z-TEK nerve stimulator, and Stimpod, each playing a crucial role in our comprehensive treatment plans.

SaeboStim Pro

The SaeboStim Pro is an innovative tool designed for neuromuscular re-education. It provides targeted stimulation to improve muscle function and coordination, aiding in the rehabilitation process. This therapy is particularly beneficial for patients recovering from stroke, injury, or those with developmental delays.

Z-TEK Nerve Stimulator

The Z-TEK nerve stimulator is a versatile device used to treat nerve pain and neuropathy. It delivers precise electrical impulses that help reduce pain and inflammation, promoting healing and improving nerve function. This therapy is essential for patients experiencing chronic pain or nerve damage.

Stimpod NMS460

The Stimpod is a specialized device used to target the vagus nerve, playing a significant role in calming the nervous system. It is also effective for primitive reflex integration and providing additional stimulation for neuromuscular re-education. The Stimpod helps regulate the body's stress response, promoting overall wellness and enhancing the effectiveness of other treatments.

Benefits of Our Nerve Therapies

  • Pain Relief: Effective reduction of nerve pain and inflammation.
  • Improved Nerve Function: Enhanced nerve communication and healing.
  • Neuromuscular Re-education: Improved muscle function and coordination.
  • Primitive Reflex Integration: Support for developmental and reflexive function.
  • Nervous System Regulation: Calming the nervous system and reducing stress through vagus nerve stimulation.

Our personalized treatment plans incorporate these advanced therapies to ensure comprehensive care tailored to each patient's unique needs. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, nerve damage, or seeking rehabilitation support, our nerve therapies offer a path to improved health and wellness.