The RightEye Vision System is a state-of-the-art platform designed to assess and analyze various aspects of visual performance and eye movements. It is a computer system that utilizes advanced eye-tracking technology to capture precise data on eye movements, providing valuable insights into a person's visual abilities, potential areas for improvement and can help us see what is going on with brain functioning.

Key Features and Applications:

  1. Vision Assessments: The RightEye Vision System enables comprehensive vision assessments by evaluating critical visual skills such as fixation, pursuits, saccades, and convergence. By tracking eye movements, it can identify and quantify issues related to visual processing, eye coordination, and tracking abilities. 

  2. Sports Performance Enhancement: Athletes can benefit from the RightEye Vision System as it offers a unique advantage in assessing and enhancing visual skills essential for sports performance. By evaluating areas like visual reaction time, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination, the system provides athletes and trainers with objective data to optimize training programs, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injuries.

  3. Neurorehabilitation: The RightEye Vision System is instrumental in the field of neurorehabilitation. By tracking eye movements and assessing visual skills, it assists in diagnosing and monitoring visual deficits resulting from brain injuries, strokes, or neurodegenerative disorders. This data helps tailor individualized rehabilitation programs to enhance visual function and support overall recovery.

  4. Concussion Assessment: The RightEye Vision System offers a specialized module for concussion assessments. By tracking eye movements and analyzing visual performance, it aids in identifying subtle changes indicative of a concussion. The system provides objective measurements that can complement other diagnostic tools, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions regarding treatment and return-to-play protocols.

Benefits of the RightEye Vision System:

  1. Objective and Quantifiable Measurements: The RightEye Vision System provides precise, objective, and quantifiable measurements of visual performance and eye movements. This data eliminates subjectivity and allows for accurate assessment, monitoring, and comparison of visual abilities over time.

  2. Early Detection and Intervention: The system's ability to detect subtle visual deficits at an early stage enables prompt intervention and appropriate treatment. Early identification of visual issues can prevent further deterioration and positively impact outcomes in areas like reading, learning, and sports performance.

  3. Personalized Treatment Plans: The detailed insights obtained from the RightEye Vision System enables us to design personalized therapies and treatment plans for patients to complete both in the office and at home. This personalized approach optimizes the effectiveness of interventions and enhances patient outcomes.

  4. Enhanced Sports Performance: Athletes can leverage the RightEye Vision System to gain a competitive edge by honing their visual skills. The system's objective measurements and targeted training programs facilitate focused improvement in areas crucial for sports performance, such as visual reaction time, tracking, and depth perception.

The RightEye Vision System, with its advanced eye-tracking technology and comprehensive assessment capabilities, revolutionizes the field of vision science. From vision assessments and sports performance enhancement to neurorehabilitation and concussion assessment, the system offers invaluable insights for healthcare professionals, athletes, and individuals seeking to optimize their visual abilities. With its potential to detect issues early, facilitate personalized interventions, and enhance performance, the RightEye Vision System paves the way for advancements in visual healthcare and sports training.


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