Our office is unique in that we are able to offer a variety of services in addition to chiropractic care, including laser therapy, nerve therapy, neurological development checks, functional neurologic rehabilitation, sensorimotor exams and more! These services are offered in our monthly membership program.

When you arrive at your appointment, your intake paperwork will have already been reviewed. You may be asked additional questions about your health including any pain you might be having, what your diet is like, and any other things going on with your body. The doctor may perform a physical examination to help us determine the best possible way to care for you. 

Next the doctor will assess the best course of treatment to meet your needs. During the first appointment you may receive:

An Adjustment: Chiropractic adjustments at Heal Thyself Institute are entirely custom to what your body needs. They are comfortable, gentle, and never forceful. We’re proud to be able to utilize a variety of techniques dependent on what will work best for you. The goal of an adjustment is to restore balance and proper alignment to your spine. After the adjustment, most people feel great! Some patients may feel soreness in the adjusted area, but this will likely dissipate over the coming hours and days.

Laser Therapy: Heal Thyself Institute is proud to offer Laser Therapy with the AVANT LZ 30 cold laser. This treatment is safe, effective and gentle and offers expedited healing through a process known as photobiomodulation, which creates change in the body induced by light. The laser will be pointed at the affected area for a length of time determined by the doctor. 

With these and all of the services we offer, we recommend you stay hydrated following your appointment. 


Ready to experience the services we offer for yourself? We’d love to see you in the practice soon. Contact us today to get started!

Dr. Waldo Amadeo

Dr. Waldo Amadeo

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